Southern Sportsman

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Pat shoots at anything that moves. Stand still when he's around because he has vision like a T-Rex. As long as you aren't moving you're probably safe. Pat was also in the Navy (anyone surprised?).


Mick is a baby-boomer. He knows a lot about archery and loves it. When he isn't shooting arrows, he's dreaming about shooting arrows. He's also color-blind but it doesn't matter because his wife dresses him.


Don't let the ponytail fool you. She will cut you. I'm serious.


Parker is a pretty good shot, if you' don't believe me, ask him. He is a legend at local pants stores because there hasn't been a pair of pants made that can hide the wonder that is Parker's crevasse.


Ryan eats candy like a flock of small children. He is the most cultured of the bunch, meaning he might have a cup of hot tea from time to time.