Southern Sportsman

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Welcome to the Southern Sportsman! We wanted to create a podcast dedicated to the southern outdoors enthusiast. From camping to hiking, hunting, and especially overlanding, our podcast will highlight news of the day including new products, and gear reviews. We may be a little rough around the edges as podcasters but that's because we are more comfortable being on a hunt or camping in the mountains. 

Join us each week as we get around the fire & talk shop together. It's a lot of fun.  

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Notes From the Field

2 Mile Shot - Long range shooting in Naples, FL at ALTAIR Gun Club.  

The Sportsman Ethic - By all means, let us hunt and deepen our appreciation of the outdoors but let us do it through methods which honor both the animal and the hunter.

This picture was taken April 13, 2019 in Cosby, TN at Smoky Mountain Overland Rally. We had a blast getting to do some off-road riding and talking overland gear with everyone that attended the rally. Looking forward to attending Overland West 2019 in Flagstaff, AZ in a few weeks. Who all will be there?